How does the emotion recognition device work?

This post is about how the emotion recognition device works in practice and what to expect.

The video gives an overview and the more detailed information below is taken from the instruction booklet that every participant receives with their box.

Here are instructions for the Emotionalizer. The booklet is contained in the box given to anyone who participates. The full booklet is available here:

                                                 Instructions Emotionalizer


Instructions Emotionaliser_v5552

What is the purpose of the Emotionalizer? It is intended as a research tool and is designed to investigate the potential consequences of emotion recognition and the effects of data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Instructions Emotionaliser_v5553

This is an over view of the functions of the Emotionalizer. On the top, the device shows how you feel. Left and right are the suggestions which appear depending on how you feel. The biometric sensors are located on the bottom of the device.

Instructions Emotionaliser_v5554

How do you use the Emotionalizer? Strap the device to your wrist and locate the power button. Press the left button on top of the device. This will set in motion the calculation of your personal baseline, which will take approx. 30 seconds. The device is then ready to use.

Instructions Emotionaliser_v5558

This page shows the colour code of the emotions displayed on the device and what the colours mean.

Instructions Emotionaliser_v5559

This page shows the colour code for the suggestions, so you can find out what these mean. The device also has icons, which represents the suggestions, so they are easy to identify.

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